A single loop option that samples each of the three loops will possibly be added to the Julian Bikepack Challenge. Total distance will be around 270 miles with 27,000’ of gain. Should be doable in 3-5 days, without the option to quit after climbing back up to Julian after every loop!

Route will follow the Beach Loop down to Lake Hodges in Escondido, but instead of heading to the coast, will follow mostly singletrack to link up to Penasquitos Canyon. From there the South Poway (or Trans County) trail will take us east and then north towards Lake Poway following the Poway trail system. Instead of heading back to Ramona along Highland Valley Road, this route will follow a more direct route along Stagecoach Road.

After the Cedar Creek Falls, we will divert from the Beach Loop again, to head SE towards Descanso. Be warned this will be the start of a brutal 40 mile 8,000’ gain section leading up to highest point on Mount Laguna and the Mountain Loop. Enjoy the Laguna Lakes area before heading north towards the top of Oriflamme Canyon and the Desert Loop. A somwhat abbreviated Desert Loop will take us up the gruelling ascent back to Julian.

Please note that this route has not been finalized yet and about 10% still needs to be confirmed. You will have to plan your resupply stops on this route and possibly go off route. There are sections where you will need water for 50 miles, so a 100oz bladder or more will be needed.

Stand by for more details!