The single loop option, or BFL as it has become known, is almost finalized! Rich & I have been pre-riding parts of the course and fine tuning the route. The total distance will be closer to 300 miles with around the same elevation gain of 26,500’. Should still be doable in 3-5 days.

The main changes are the addition, due to popular demand, of an actual beach section to the far west end of the BFL. This means the BFL includes the entire length of the Coast to Crest Trail, except for the first part from the peak of Vulcan Mountain! The second change is between Ramona & Mt. Laguna, where we will go north around Cuyamaca instead of south. This gives easy access to resupply at the Lake Cuyamaca store, plus adds a ton of singletrack.

Route will follow the Beach Loop down to the coast at Del Mar, then link up to Penasquitos Canyon. From there the South Poway (or Trans County) trail will take us east and then north towards Lake Poway following the Poway trail system. Instead of heading back to Ramona along Highland Valley Road, this route will follow a more direct route along Stagecoach Road.

After the Cedar Creek Falls, we will divert from the Beach Loop again, to head NE towards Lake Cuyamaca. Lots of climbing on this section - so pace yourselves. Enjoy the Laguna Lakes area before heading north towards the top of Oriflamme Canyon and the Desert Loop. A somewhat abbreviated Desert Loop will take us up the gruelling ascent back to Julian.

Stand by for more details!