2017 Jbpc Recap

The Bfl

The single loop option, or BFL as it has become known, is almost finalized! Rich & I have been pre-riding parts of the course and fine tuning the route. The total distance will be closer to 300 miles with around the same elevation gain of 26,500’. Should still be doable in 3-5 days.

Adding A Single Loop Option

A single loop option that samples each of the three loops will possibly be added to the Julian Bikepack Challenge. Total distance will be around 270 miles with 27,000’ of gain. Should be doable in 3-5 days, without the option to quit after climbing back up to Julian after every loop!

My Experience On The Jbpc

I have done all 3 loops of the Julian Bikepack Challenge individually on my 29+ hardtail, and aspire to do them all back to back one day. This is a great way to showcase what San Diego county has to offer. Make no mistake, any one of these loops are a challenge to finish, probably why only one person has completed the entire challenge! Spread the word about this event, it deserves to get a lot more attention! Very few races give you the opportunity to change bikes if you wanted to after every loop. Bring your skinny tired cross country lightweight for the beach loop, plus bike for the desert & full suspension for the mountain loop - or use what you have, as I did. Going back to your car after every loop adds a mental challenge, as it’s very tempting to get in & go home, so you’ll need to be mentally tough for this beast.