We finally have finishers of the BFL! Congratulations to Miles & McCullen for conquering the beast that is the BFL.

Beach Loop

Ride from the mountains in Julian down to the Pacific Ocean following the Coast to Crest trail and back via Ramona. Singletrack, dirt & some asphalt roads. 150 miles 12,000+ feet of gain

Desert Loop

Drop down from Julian into the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park looping through Borrego Springs. Rocky singletrack, sand washes & some asphalt. 115 miles 12,000+ feet of gain

Mountain Loop

Technically challenging loop through Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and the Corral Canyon OHV area. Singletrack, technical trails, dirt & some asphalt roads. 160 miles 20,000+ feet of gain


Combines parts of the Beach, Mountain & Desert loops into a single big loop. 300 miles 27,000+ feet of gain


I started this race not knowing exactly how I would feel for I just started a new diet a month or so before. Early on in the ride I somewhat lethargically was searching for a little energy and was wondering if the new diet that worked so well for me during training might not really been the best choice for longer endurance racing? Boy, did that thought change quickly! After the first hour I felt rather amazing and was surprised by how effortlessly I was moving along. Before I knew it I was already 51 miles into the ride, still feeling great...


2017 Jbpc Recap

Congratulations to the brave few that attempted the 2017 Julian Bikepack Challenge. The weather didn’t quite cooperate as the infamous Santa Ana winds starting blowing from the desert and it got hot. The group start on Friday morning turned into...

The Bfl

The single loop option, or BFL as it has become known, is almost finalized! Rich & I have been pre-riding parts of the course and fine tuning the route. The total distance will be closer to 300 miles with around...